February 2008

The patented FLEXI FIT Ski Binding now available at a cost of under $20 USD, is anchored under the stainless steel boot plate which is spring suspended over the double curved 22 inch ski blade.   The front toe plate is fitted over the toe such that a simple spinning of the thumbscrews will allow a solid and snug fit and an immovable attachment to the ski.  The rear heel plate is fitted to the heel of the boot with locking nuts behind it to act as the rear back plate for the anchored boot.  Such back plate location may be easily adjusted and preset to the rear for soft and powder snow and frontward to accommodate smaller boots and various snow conditions where greater control is desired. Normally adjusting the boot location to the approximate center of the ski is recommended on normal packed and groomed surfaces. Normal wear replacement components if necessary (Stripped threads, etc) available at most any hardware outlet or from Skishorties.com.