Patent No.: US 7,494,134 B2

February 2008

From its inception on the Kissing Bridge ski trails in Buffalo, N.Y. in 1998, to the more refined version tested at the steep inclines of Jay Peak’s Goat trail, the new SKISHORTIES traditional parallel Power Ski is here!   The inexpensive and easily adjustable metal binding fits any size standard ski boot, without any mechanical or technical alterations whatever, other than turning of a couple thumb screws!  The 57 cm micro ski is well within the cut off standard (65 cm.) of non-releasable binding safety for mini and micro skis and includes a 10 year replaceable parts warranty.   

New 4 inch version (in background) is beginning production for more float offtrail

The Power Ski, not only an easy to use startup ski, when used in traditional parallel is nearly magical on high elevation slopes where greater control is required due to the greater incline.   The units’ comparable weight to standard skis allows the ability to easily cut deeper and sharper turns allowing reduction of speed and cutting edge control with less baggage to the user looking to maintain speed with more control.  Traditional length skis on such slopes require greater strength and exertion to manage speed while The Power Ski represents two skis acting like a single-ski unit from which comes the “power”.

Bored Snowboarder SkiShorties Bear
Bored Snowboarder SkiShortie

Doug caught cruisin' the Spring moguls on THEPOWERSKI!!